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Music is an integral part of many funerals and offers a specific atmosphere to the services. Although much of the music will be in the background during visitation, it certainly has the capability of stirring emotions as well as relaxing or soothing family and visitors. The correct music selections will help to ease the experience during visitation and services while it may also help to remember the life of the person who is being remembered.

Usually the music is presented in CD or cassette format and played over the funeral homes' sound system but you can bring individual musicians or ensembles to play in the background during visitation. An elegant individual playing a violin, harp, or piano can be a very peaceful and calming way to express remembrances at the funeral home or complementing a memorial service.Placing a collage of memorable pictures or videos on a CD/DVD along with the right music can be a powerful presentation of those memories. This visual and auditory memorial can play continuously during visitation.The funeral director can guide you in the selection of music that will best express your feelings for all events involved in the funeral process. Whether classical or contemporary, most music is acceptable if it reflects the spirit of the persons' life. While your funeral director should have classical, contemporary, or soft comforting music available to you, we have listed some titles that may help you to begin your search for the proper music.

* BMI Music Licensing Certificate of Compliance may be located in the business office of your funeral director.


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